small wooden dumbbell is sleek

What’s Wrong with Animal Rights Hearne, Vicki Harper’s Magazine; Sep 1991; 283, 1696; ProQuest Central pg. 59
WHAT’S WRONG WITH ANIMAL RIGHTS Of hounds, horses, and Jeffersonian happiness By Vicki Hearne

of all happy animals are alike. A Doberman going over a hurdle after a small wooden dumbbell is sleek, all arcs of harmonious power. A basset hound cheerfully performing the same exercise exhibits harmonies of a more lugubrious nature. There are chimpanzees who love precision the way musicians or fanatical house-keepers or accomplished hypochondriacs do; others for whom happiness is a matter of invention and variation—chimp vaudevillians. There is a rhinoceros whose happiness, as near as I can make out, is in needing to be trained every morning, all over again, or else he “forgets” his circus rou-tine, and in this you find a clue to the slow, deep, quiet chuckle of his happiness and to the glory

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