ICT703 Assessment Task 2

Assessment Task 2
Network Technology and Management
Assessment Task 2
Assessment and Submission Details
Marks 35% of the total assessment for the course
Due Date – Week 12, Friday 5pm (AEST)
Submission details
Please submit this assignment as a single MS Word document (.docx) via SafeAssign on Blackboard.
All assignments will be checked for plagiarism and/or collusion between individuals. Refer to your
course outline or the course Blackboard web site for a copy of the “Student Misconduct, Plagiarism
and Collusion” guidelines.
Refer to the assignment rubric on Blackboard for the marking criteria and standards. The
assignment will be marked out of a total of 100 marks.
Note: Each student MUST retain a copy of the assignment and this copy MUST be produced within
24 hours of it being requested by the Course Coordinator. Failure to produce the second copy of
the assignment when reques

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