Compare with the traditional hotel

Price: Compare with the traditional hotel the price of the capsule hotel is lower, cause of the contracted life style of the capsule hotel we can save more from the facilities and control the cost at a low level compare with the traditional hotel. And help the capsule hotel to increase the competitiveness in the market of hotel industry.
Place: (1)We are going to rent one floor of the building near to the London Victoria station within 1.2 miles to 1.5 miles, to ensure we can have enough space to developing our hotel service. And we can have a convenient transportation network(underground, tubes, trains) for attracting more customers.
(2)(Lower cost)
(3)Also we have the official online website, that customer can book the room, and give feedback on it. (Increase consumption )
Promotion: (1)Different with the traditional hotel, capsule hotel do not have the restaurant. So one of the promotion methods is to cooperating with the restaurant nearby or famous restaurant in the London to providing discount to the customers, for attracting more customers and solve the restaurant problem. (2)Online Promotion: social media, internet and other online platforms are being more common today, online promotion is one of the promotion methods for capsule hotel to increase the online exposure.
Process: When we are processing the marketing project, there are always some potential threats and changes influencing the project process. How to monitor, control and change are the ways help the hotel to achieve best result. In this age of information, the needs of customers are changing every days. We have to improve and change from analysis and combine the customer’s opinions(e.g. online platforms, customer’s feedback )and the market information to increase the profit and survival rate.
Product: We are going to provide the capsule hotel service in London with cheaper price, more convenient and better communication environment between customers and customers than the traditional hotel.
People: (1)Cause we are in the hotel industry, customer is one of the most important factors, influencing the sales and profits of the hotel. As the hotel manager we have to provide high  quality service to satisfy what customer needs to create some of the loyalty customers. (2)The other important factor is the staffs. Appropriate encouragement can help us to motivate staffs better and provide more professional and high quality hotel service.
Physical Evidence: The capsule hotel is aim to show one kind of contracted life style,
we aim to provide the best quality of living experience with the base facilities, lower price and great environment. And help to increase the customer loyalty.