research a historical case study of conflict


The student will research a historical case study of conflict involving two distinct cultural groups. For this term, we will be examining the 1988 strike for a Deaf President at Gallaudet University in the US. Read about the conflict here.

After researching this conflict, the student will use Bennett’s Model of Intercultural Sensitivity to develop a summary report of the events that occurred, why they happened this way, and what the final outcome of the conflict was. In addition to summarizing the events within Bennett’s model, the student will include an introduction and conclusion to the report. Outside research will be required and the student should have at least two source materials in order to demonstrate a variety of perspectives. The original summary provided by GU included here can be used as one source; the student must find the second themselves. All references must be in APA. Bennett’s model must also be cited, but it does not count as a research source into conflict.

The student will also hand in a brief (no more than 400 words) reflection on the solution to the problem that answers at least one of these questions: Do you think everyone got what they wanted/needed? What would you have done differently had you been involved? Do you think something like this could happen again, knowing what those involved know now?

Be sure to adhere to the What-Now What-So What model of reflective thought. See this article